Real Estate Photography & Videography.

We specialize in real estate photography with quick and reliable services you would love.
At Cloud Media Productions, we create photos and videos for professional realtors. We genuinely believe that the first impression must be fantastically memorable. With the decline of the real estate market in many areas of the country, it’s critical to finally pay attention to getting the best and appealing images.
That’s why, at Cloud Media Productions, we utilize state of the art high-resolution cameras with multiple lenses to capture our images to give our photos a look and feel unique to anything else. We believe that making your house stand out with more attractive and enticing imagery will provide you with an edge. At the very least, it will bring more people to look at the house, and every viewer is a potential buyer.
Our real estate clients continuously obtain a rise in awareness, exposure, and online traffic for properties we capture and promote. It leads to an increase in inquiries and showings while decreasing the number of days on the market. This results in the highest return on investment from the sale or rent of a property.

Cloud Media Productions


In today’s internet-driven, fast-paced world, potential buyers first turn to the internet before approaching a realtor.

Thus, it is important to opt for a real estate photographer for your listing to appear remarkable in the market. At Cloud Media Productions, we specialize in real estate photography and spectacular interiors and provide our clients with Hi-Res real estate photos. We combine cutting edge technology and artistry to offer you the finest in real estate photography across Eastern, North Carolina.
We cater to all clients regardless of the type, price, size, or location of a property. We have a reputation for exceptional photography and uncompromising quality. We have perfected a unique approach to meeting the high-quality needs of real estate photography while meeting the demands for affordable pricing.

Cloud Media Productions


We are here to introduce you to mind-blowing real estate videography.

At Cloud Media Productions, we have years of experience in real estate videography and are ever committed to delivering the best service any time for realtors and owners. By combining passion and innovation, we can create imagery that captures the unique charm and beauty of a home.
Don’t make mistakes of using your smartphone to create real estate videos; trust us to bring to life the video production that will help fulfill your selling and rental goals. We utilize Hi-Res 4k video equipment for real estate video production that is sure to amaze clients. Our top-notch real estate videography skills and capabilities understand your business and nature of the work you require. Keep up with your competition and work with us to fulfill your real estate videography needs.

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Wedding Videography, Lighting, & DJ.

Your special day is important to us.

Whether we are taking photos or creating fantastic wedding films, we are enthusiastic about the idea of being different. We intend to bring value to our clients with a straight forward and transparent production process. We develop engaging and appealing moving image content and stories for each project to achieve the very best.

We’re happy to offer wedding packages for different budgets and are available to cover weddings and bridal events with great enthusiasm. With the infusion of versatile styles of wedding photography and filming, we offer everything from traditional wedding videography, lighting, and DJ services. We are your one-stop-shop for all your wedding photography and filming needs.

No other production company compares to our simplicity of use, high-grade professionalism, comprehensive media solutions, and incredible wedding packages.


Wedding Videography at its Finest.

A wedding video shouldn’t just be a recap of the day, but a narrative of your love story that reflects the beauty of the big day. When it comes to making your day special for a lifetime, no one helps you remember every moment like us. We believe that anyone can take photos or make videos, but only a few can perform a job like us. These are videos you’re going to look at and treasure for the rest of your life. We see wedding videography as a chance to take the classic scene and make it appear in a way that will take your breath away, an iconic video film that is so unique to your personality and the emotion of the moment that it’s remarkable and hard to forget.

We specialize in capturing incredible moments, so get ready to receive what you’ll love forever. We call ourselves storytellers because we always strive to tell your story in the best way possible. At Cloud Media Productions, we save the memories of your wedding day in all the ways it is unique to you to present it to you with breathtaking moments to cherish a lifetime! We utilize a professional approach to all our wedding services and use our years of mastery of video equipment to film and edit wedding videos.

We always begin by engaging with our clients in a complimentary consultation, because the key to capturing every magical moment is to fully understand the story of your wedding day. We specialize in capturing incredible moments and film each one in stunning HD to ensure every emotion and expression is heard with clarity. We capture additional angles and perspectives and take just as much care editing your videos so that every time you watch it, you feel like you are reliving it; from the instant, you said, “I do,” through the moments where your guests are swept up in the music on the dance floor.


We optimize the appearance and mood of your event by highlighting important details and make it brighter and better!

Are you searching for wedding lighting services? Well, chances are you may be a bit overwhelmed. Every business dedicated to wedding lighting capabilities is going to feature its best work, so it’s tough to choose the one best for you.

At Cloud Media Productions, we are a company that understands the significance of wedding lighting. For your big day, you only get one chance to make the right decision, that’s why we bring the best and brightest in terms of wedding lighting services to find that perfect match for your preferences.

Whether you are seeking a classic white wedding theme with bistro lights or want to evolve a space with color LED uplighting, we’re here to offer you just what you require. We acquire a variety of custom lighting features to transform any wedding space and add an extra touch of thrill to your magical event. Choose from a range of lighting options encompassing custom GOBOs, colorful uplighting, cascading bulbs, and more. Our services are tailored to suit your particular needs, ensuring that we deliver quality results you can’t resist.


Looking for a custom music experience? Let us help you transform your big day.

With Cloud Media Productions, get exactly the coverage you always dreamt of.    Pop music for your walk down the aisle and classical jazz and funk music for the cocktail hours? We got you covered with our custom DJ solutions.

Throughout the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, we’ve got you covered! With our talented team, we have been successfully elevating events with our stylish sounds. We will tailor our services to fulfill and exceed your needs and theme, offering everything from dance floor favorites to classical cocktail music. With our exceptional services, we provide an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Our skilled and talented DJs guide your event seamlessly to enhance your wedding ceremony.

Live Event Production

At Cloud Media Services, our live event production comprises audio, lighting, and video services.

No matter how large or small a production, we are here to introduce creative and professional solutions that rival the most specialized productions. Our experience allows us to excel at delivering outstanding audio, video, and lighting production services.

We offer live streaming of the event and support venues of all sizes using a combination of excellent staff and the best production equipment available.

  • Weddings
  • Private parties
  • Corporate parties
  • Reunions
  • Community events
  • Pageants
  • Live bands
  • Festivals


Making an impact through the finest lighting services!

Is it a special event requiring specialty lighting design for indoor and outdoor applications, mind-blowing effects, and stage and architectural lighting? We’ve got you covered for extravagant events! We’re experts at illuminating your events in a multitude of creative ways to inspire and excite your audience.

We specialize in many of the services necessary for live event production and have expertise in large scale technical production fit for live event production services when required. At Cloud Media Productions, we believe that creative and stunning lighting is a critical element in any visual presentation. Thus, we have the most talented lighting experts to illuminate venues, festivals, corporate and private parties, and much more.

We offer an impressive portfolio of performance lighting projects utilizing the latest technology available in LED lighting equipment and automated and conventional lighting fixtures. At Cloud Media Productions, quality gear is always our priority. With our latest in-demand lighting equipment, we take pride in the impressive reputation we have. An array of lighting equipment and experience helps us to convey compelling themes, create the ultimate vision, and produce powerful displays of light.


We have delivered exceptional audio services for some of the best events on earth!

At Cloud Media Productions, we create audio that enhances the experience for every audience. Regardless of your requirement, we acquire the resources to ensure that your event sounds amazing. We utilize the most advanced, state-of-the-art audio equipment ranging from portable speaker systems, wireless racks to complex digital mixers to small analog mixers, and more. Our expertise sets us in a position to offer a wide range of products and services to cover all your audio needs.

Moreover, we strive to use the best brands to provide the best quality and reliability possible. All gear is in full working order and completely operational before, or we won’t use it. At Cloud Media Productions, we understand that every event has its own needs and desires. Just ask us about our various levels of equipment to match the needs of multiple types of events. We will provide the right system for the situation at the best prices possible.

At Cloud Media Productions, we accommodate small to significant events equally. Our live sound systems support a wide range of events with optimal balance. Our dedication and expertise deliver high-quality live sound production at every event to enhance your vision with the art of live sound.


A successful event requires videography services. That’s why, at Cloud Media Productions, we offer high-quality video production services to clients with a swift response to meet their needs. We utilize a creative approach to every video shoot and have covered many small to medium-sized events. We also offer multi-camera productions for events if needed. We provide comprehensive live-streaming services for all our clients and are one of the only video-production companies providing this service during this pandemic crisis.

At Cloud Media Productions, our team is well versed in all aspects of live video production. It has the equipment to handle the most sophisticated professional video displays and standards of video presentation. Our experience with diverse events has provided us with the opportunity to work in the areas of live video production. We understand the rapidly changing video equipment technology standards and offer several custom solutions for all types of events.

From the simplest concepts to challenging productions, we can do it all. Our passion helps us successfully create the most engaging events with the latest interactive tools. Moreover, we work alongside event producers to organize a safe and effective production environment with quality results.